361 | On the Road Together :: Antelope Canyon, USA, 2015

Speaking of girl trips, this was definitely one for the books. As with many road trips, there were a few surprises on this one. We got lost on the way to Zion and ended up being too late for a hike I wanted to do. We decided to do a different one instead, and when the weather changed, a few of us were stranded on the mountain. A mudslide cut off the only route down, and we ended up having to huddle together under a tree to hide from the hail. Good thing the tree was on higher ground, because five minutes later a flash flood roared down the trail we had been on, and swept away everything in its path.

When we finally got down, one of my girlfriends ran to me crying and hugged me so tightly, because apparently they had not seen me stop (to take a video of the hail coming down) and only saw the mudslide taking down the tiny foot bridge we were crossing.

The life and death experience definitely gave us a different perspective on things. Personally I found the whole thing more exciting than scary (although in hindsight, I really could have died), but I was touched by the love and care my friends showed for me. Life is an adventure, and it’s great to have the right people by your side through the ups and downs.

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