362 | On the Road Together :: Norway, 2018

Of all my travel buddies XX and I have been friends the shortest amount of time, and she’s closer to my sister in age than myself. Given her professorship sometimes people forget how young she is, and doesn’t cut her the slack she probably deserves. We are both super direct, and often say hurtful things not because we don’t know better, but because we don’t feel like lying even if it makes people happy. Then again, we will occasionally do nice things for friends that make them feel warm and fuzzy. I guess it’s not that easy to be friends with us, so we ended up being friends with each other 🙂

XX is one of the most spontaneous and adventurous people I know, and I couldn’t have kept up with her even in my younger days. Especially now that most of my travel buddies are married and some have kids, planning a trip well in advance is already hard, and spontaneity is but a wistful thing of the past. But at least I have XX, who’s quite willing to go on adventures as long as it fits into her already backed schedule. In fact, I guess most of our trips together have been her ideas, and I’ve very much enjoyed just tagging along for the ride.

So here’s to more adventures, and even though I’ll never stop making fun of you for doing it, I guess I’ll take one more shot for that perfect Instagram pose 😛

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