360 | On the Road Together :: Cartagena, Colombia, 2015

After being roommates for many years, Elaine and I have fully acknowledged our differences. I’m used to checking into a hostel with no particular itinerary in mind, and she’s well, probably the opposite of that. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when we first decided to take a trip to a developing country that some consider dangerous, but it turned out to be a great experience that brought us closer together. We took silly photos and time lapses and shared a common love for ajiaco (Colombian chicken stew). We went to fancy coffee shops and hole in the wall coffee shops and coffee shops at sunset by the ocean and coffee shops in the train on top of the mountain. We made friends on a boat and friends on a tour and even got offered some white Colombian chocolate at yes, a coffee shop (only it wasn’t chocolate). Sure, compromises were made, but somehow we made it work and had an amazing time. Can’t wait for the next girl trip!

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